Shell Spirax – Gear and Transmission Oil

Shell Spirax – Gear and Transmission Oil

Protect your transmission components for an efficient and long lasting working time. Our recommendation is SHELL Spirax!

Shell Spirax – for fleet owners and drivers

The Shell Spirax range of automatic transmission, gear and axle fluids delivers optimum value to their operations through long oil life, enhanced wear protection and efficiency. Quality matters to us, therefore we are also official reseller for OEX starter motors and alternators.

What are the benefits of using dedicated gear and transmission oils?

The range of Shell Spirax Oils we stock at Wrack Auto Electrical have been specially designed to meet requirements and challenges of the industry’s leading axle, gear and automatic transmission manufacturers. Using a dedicated oil for your axle and gearbox ensures the best wear protection and efficiency, as a single one for both might compromise either applications. The Shell Spirax Range has been developed to provide the specifics of shear stability, performance and oxidation to provide the best protection and power for each application.

At Wrack Auto Electrical in Whangarei we provide you with proven performance axle and gear oils:

  • Shell Spirax S2 A 80W90 and S2 A 85W140 applicable from motorcycle to heavy truck and commercial machinery in 20ltr buckets,
  • Shell Spirax S3 ATF MD3 in 1ltr, 4ltr and 20ltr and S3 T 15W40 Super Tractor Oil Universal (STOU) in 20ltr buckets
  • And Automatic transmission oil Shell Spirax S4 TXM 10W30 for busses up to heavy trucks and machinery

Shell Spirax stands for efficiency, wear protection and longer oil and component life

Thanks to their special formula, Shell Spirax keeps your transmission components protected which means less maintenance required on your vehicle, less interruption for operating and most importantly reducing maintenance costs. Shell Spirax Axle and gear oils are the right choice for heavy-duty axles and transmissions as well as gears operating under highly stressed conditions as they include the latest synthetic oils which assure exceptional wear, pitting, bearing-failure and corrosion protection. Another benefit of this oil range is its long life as test have shown that it remains in specification after four times the normal duration.