Car Battery – Yuasa

Car Battery – Yuasa

Get the best Car Battery available here at Wrack Auto Electrical!

Car not starting? You need a new Car Battery!

At Wrack Auto Electrical in Whangarei, we stock a large range of high quality Car Batteries. Our product of choice is the high quality brand Yuasa, a reliable and superior technology Car Battery.  Just come to our shop at 34 Gumdigger Place or call us, we can also send someone out to your vehicle. Did you know that 30% of the time, the car battery has been replaced unnecessarily? We will thoroughly test your car battery before replacing it.

Yuasa car batteries are the perfect pick for a reliable battery that will get your car engine started thanks to its superior technology, your journey will run smoothly. Discover which range suits your vehicle’s needs:

Ultra Hi Performance Car Batteries 

In general we suggest the ultra hi performance range, as these car batteries are the ultimate choice in performance and technology. These car batteries use a corrosion resistant calcium technology which comes in very handy for the climate variations we have in New Zealand. Its maximum starting power and reserve capacity will get your car started and running for a long time…. Warranty on those batteries is 36 months! They stand for superior performance and a longer life thanks to their unique design, specialist components which work against the usual causes of automotive battery failures. Book your vehicle in now to get your new car battery replaced

  • NS40ZMF – 330 CCA
  • NS40ZLMF – 330 CCA
  • NS40ZLSMF – 330 CCA
  • NS40ZSMF – 330 CCA
  • NS40KLMF – 330 CCA
  • NS60MF -430 CCA
  • NS60LMF – 430 CCA
  • NS60LSMF – 430 CCA
  • NS60SMF – 430 CCA
  • 57MF – 530 CCA
  • 58MF – 530 CCA
  • 57EFMF – 530 CCA
  • 55D23LMF – 500 CCA
  • 55D23RMF – 500 CCA

Hi Performance Car Batteries

The hi-performance range has a low self-discharging rate as they use a calcium expanded grid technology. The yuasa hi performance Car Batteries are designed to resist our Northland weather with components that are less reactive to corrosion, water loss and gassing which results in a dependable and hi performance Car Battery for your everyday needs. Check also out our Marine Batteries.

  • DIN44MF – 370 CCA
  • DIN53ZLMF – 500 CCA
  • DIN53ZRMF – 500 CCA
  • DIN55ZLAGMF – 500 CCA – Silver Calcium
  • DIN65ZLMF – 580 CCA
  • DIN66ZLAGMF – 710 CCA – Silver Calcium
  • DIN66ZRAGMF – 710 CCA – Silver Calcium
  • DIN75ZLMF – 830 CCA
  • DIN85ZLMF – 780 CCA

If you can’t find the car battery you are after, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help!