Heavy Duty Batteries -Yuasa

Heavy Duty Batteries -Yuasa

Heavy Duty Batteries from Yuasa

When it comes to trucks and heavy equipment you need a reliable power source. Yuasa Commercial Batteries stand for the latest in reliability and performance for commercial and haulage vehicles. The Yuasa Heavy Duty Batteries range includes special designs for off-road industrial applications with a battery for almost any application – from long-haul trucks to light commercial vehicles. These Yuasa Commercial Batteries have been built to the needs and wants of drivers and fleet managers, long-life and less down time whilst handling perfect the diverse climate conditions that Northland has to offer. Yuasa Commercial Truck and Heavy Duty Batteries are more than just a starting battery as they can handle constant current loads over extended periods of time, have extra robust internal components like denser active material and thicker battery plates to reduce water loss and improve corrosion resistance for a long-lasting battery life. Check also out our range of Shell’s Rimula Commercial Oil.

Typical Applications for Heavy Duty Batteries

  • Light Commercial
  • Heavy Commercial
  • Stationary Engines
  • Hiabs
  • Tail Lifts
  • Material Handling
  • Pumping Trucks
  • Campervans
  • Earth Movers
  • Back-up Generators
  • Agricultural Equipment


Heavy Duty Batteries Ultra Hi Performance- the professional driver’s choice

As the name already says, these commercial batteries are ultra-high-performance being manufactured to resist tough operating conditions and our all-time changeable weather in Northland. These Heavy Duty Batteries bring exceptional performance combined with longer life in heavy duty haulage applications thanks to industry leading features and specialist components. Check also our range of OEX starter motors and alternators.

  • NS70MF – 600 CCA
  • NS70LMF – 600 CCA
  • N70ZZMF – 730 CCA
  • N70ZZLMF – 730 CCA
  • 31-800MF – 800 CCA
  • 31-1000MF – 1000 CCA
  • N100MF – 730 CCA
  • N120MF – 820 CCA
  • N150MF – 1000 CCA
  • N200MF – 1150 CCA

Heavy Duty Batteries Hi Performance – reliability for commercial drivers and fleet operators

You want low-maintenance and yet full control over your battery life? The Hi performance range is exactly what you need! Combining dependable performance and reliability in haulage and commercial vehicles, the Yuasa hi performance Heavy Duty Batteries has it all.

  • NS70 – 580 CCA
  • NS70L – 580 CCA
  • N70Z – 620 CCA
  • N70ZL – 620 CCA
  • 86Z – 680 CCA – Antimonial
  • 87Z – 680 CCA
  • 94 – 890 CCA – Antimonial
  • DIN165 – 1200 CCA – Antimonial
  • N100 – 750 CCA – Antimonial
  • N120 – 850 CCA – Antimonial
  • N150 – 1000 CCA – Antimonial
  • N200 – 1200 CCA – Antimonial

Heavy Duty Batteries Severe Service Range – for the harshest working conditions and environments

The severe service range of Yuasa Heavy Duty Batteries is built to provide dependable performance and power in tough conditions for heavy haulage and commercial vehicles. Providing a longer life and dependable performance you can choose from two options, maintenance free or low maintenance.

  • HN70ZZ – 700 CCA – Antimonial
  • AXD26R – 750 CCA – Calcium AGM
  • AXD31-800 – 900 CCA – Calcium AGM