Car Diagnostic

Car Diagnostic

Dashboard lights on? Let our well trained auto electricians run a car diagnostic and resolve the problem for you!

We are trained in Car diagnostics

Don’t know whats wrong with your car? Is your car displaying warning lights while you drive or try to start it? Here at Wrack Auto Electrical we have you covered by running a car diagnostic test! Technology made cars high-tech with high-performance computers. We are able to communicate with your car’s computer thanks to the latest diagnostic equipment available on the market. Bring your car in and we can diagnose where the problem is, repair it or just offer advise on the fault. We also offer free car battery check.

Specialised in European car diagnostic

Our well trained auto electricians are specialised in European vehicles. Our car diagnostic tools and knowledge take us us to dealer level. At Wrack Auto we keep up to date with the latest developments which will save you time and money thanks to our fast and accurate car diagnostic of the following programs:

  • Check Engine – Engine Management (EFI)
  • ABS – Anti-lock Braking System
  • SRS – Supplementary Restraint System (Air Bags)
  • EPS – Electronic Power Steering
  • BCM – Body Control module
  • HVAC – Climate Control ECU
  • ESP – Electronic Stability Program
  • 4WS – Four Wheel Steer
  • Key Coding – key remote controls
  • Brake Pad – Brake pad wear
  • Brake Fluid – Low brake fluid or Brake Pressure
  • Charge – Alternator and Battery charging system

Warning lights on your dashboard? We can help!

Not sure what the warning light on your car dashboard means? Don’t worry, we at Wrack Auto Electrical in Whangarei can help! Just give us a call and book your vehicle in. Our well trained auto electricians will run a car diagnostic test with the latest scan tool and are able to read the fault codes. Your vehicle is in great hands with us and we will get it back on track in no time. No need to get frustrated as your car is playing up and displaying warning lights which make no sense to you. Our latest technology car diagnostic tools will be able to read everything. The solution may be as simple as a loose connection, which is causing your car trouble to start and run smoothly. As trained auto electricians, we can also take care of any problems related to starter motors and alternators to full rewires.